Nursing home workers warned government about safety violations before Covid-19 cases/deaths [CNN]

Nursing home employees across the nation are sharing accounts that illustrate a collective feeling that their lives are being put in danger as they work on the frontlines at nursing facilities, which are hotbeds for COVID-19. Nationwide, there have been over 10,000 deaths in these facilities.

Original article written by Blake Ellis and Melanie Hicken

Image taken by John Tlumacki

Published May 14, 2020

Employees were told that “a flu shot will protect you from coronavirus” and “to keep working” despite being sick. Worker complaints have highlighted dangerous conditions in which they do not have sufficient amounts of protective gear as they work in nursing facilities and care for elderly residents that are especially vulnerable to the virus. Across the nation, nursing homes have experienced a severe shortage of supplies and have asked for government assistance. Employees report that they have been “kept in the dark” about coronavirus outbreaks in the facilities in which they work.


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